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RCLaser Shop

Pre-Owned RCLaser Available to Purchase

RCL9 The boat is in sailing order, has two masts and booms.
Five big sails and two storm sails.
Two sets of crystals and transmitters.
Price R5000.00

Sorry we are out of stock of new RCLasers

 Boat in Bag "Standard"

(NB Similar transmitter to photo supplied as standard)

Package includes the following items:

RC Laser one-piece blow molded polypropylene hull with standard electronics installed
( 2.4Ghz Transmitter, receiver,  switch harness, battery holder, steering servo, sail servo).
Control mechanisms are installed and adjusted.

"B" rig (standard 2-part mast, boom and mid range sail good for wind velocities 0-20 knots)

Keel and Rudder

Aluminum Boat Stand

All components are packed in padded nylon zippered carry bag with pockets for each component.

The RC Laser is ready-to-sail after "no tool" assembly in less than seven minutes.

Batteries are not included (12 AA batteries are required for 5-7 hours of sailing)

Rechargeable Battery Systems are available as an extra

This package is shipped in a reusable cardboard box with minimal interior packing material demonstrating the transportation durability of the product.

Shipping box size is 134cm x 14cm x 45cm, weighing approximately 7kgs

The RCLaser is shipped from Durban and courier costs and insurance are NOT included

Price R7500.00

Optional Extras

Storm 'C' sail (fits the onto the 'B' rig mast) ~ Price R450.00

RCLaser Class Association Fees ~ R60.00 Youth (under 25) ~ R10.00

Preferred Payment Options

Cash or Electronic Transfer


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